New Audi e-tron Concept in USA

New Audi e-tron Concept in USA

You would recognize the Audi e-tron SUV by the toned looks of the car and the front grille that is large and prominent. It’s the much talked about, and long awaited electronic car from Audi, which was first discussed in concept in 2016, and in the current year 2018 it’s going to be launched grandly as the smart SUV. If you had been waiting for the next biggest sensation from Audi, then this electric car may be the right SUV to grab for you. The demand for the diesel models are lowering while people are looking for renewable energy usage, thereby making the electric car a sizzler in 2018.


The engine is powered by 3 motors out of which the rear wheels are driven by 2 motors, and the front wheel gets power from the third one. The car can roll 311 miles without any effort which is the range it claims. It is expected to come from 0 to 62 mph within 4.5 seconds, and with 496 bph and 800 Mn torque, and the highest speed limit would be 131 mph.


The Tesla Model X is the main rival of the сar SUV. At present there are no other SUVs in a coupe style by Audi, and the launch of the e-tron would change that story. The front end shape in this car would be different, the headlamps would be reshaped, and the front grille would be partially blanked. The side of the car would have a broader side. To ensure better battery performance the aerodynamics of the car has been improved.

There would be dual screen system for infotainment, a nice charging station, good power usage indicators and more such tech stuffs. The boot space would be close to the Q5, and the car would be a comfortable 5 seater.

SUV Price and Release Date

The Audi e-tron SUV is scheduled for a delayed release in the autumn of 2018. The interior, looks, and exact specifications of the car are still not all disclosed in details, thereby making the launch date also a little gamble. With that the price of the car is also still not fixed yet, and hence not formally announced. Yet, it can be accessed that the starting prices for the vehicle would be around $41000 and may go high up to $49000. Yet the exact release date and price are still matters of speculation.

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