HD Pictures BMW i8 Roadster

HD Pictures BMW i8 Roadster
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  •    April 12, 2018
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The New BMW i8 Roadster is almost same in configuration as the coupe version of the i8. The battery size of the Roadster is a little bigger and the 11.6 kWh battery promises more electrical charge and thus more power. With this battery improvement more power gets added to the 143 bhp motor, thereby rendering dual petrol and electrical performance of 374 bhp. The Roadster is the convertible version, and naturally it is a little heavier than the coupe. The roof takes 16 seconds to open or close. The hybrid car is a great selection among the BMW cars.


The performance of the 2018 model of the car is quite impressive. The car takes just 4 secs to go from 0-60 mph. the highest speed you may take it to, is 155 mph. With one single charge the car runs up to 31 miles.

The brakes and the operation of the car is good and impressive, but the power output is not that impressive. The 3 cylinder engine is good but not the best in powering up. The car is anticipated to be coming with an all electric engine in 2018, which would improve the performance.


This is a new experiment of the auto in design, where the convertible got some great style statement to show off. Materials like carbon fiber, CFRP and reinforced plastic are smartly used in combination to make the car.

There is a hole made with CFRP above the taillights and this is a smart engineering where stamped metal is actually avoided. Due to this the attached airflow is improved and the noise at the back of the car due to air emission is much reduced. Another good thing is the light weight of the car.

The seating capacity is two by two, but the two rear seats are small and not much roomy. This reduced its cost efficiency. BMW must make this model into an all electric one or else the price would not be justified.

The roof is made from a fabric material and is folding, and when you open or close it, you don’t get any noise. It’s pretty soundless and smooth. Also the folded roof doesn’t take up much space to reduce boot space.

Price and Release Date

The estimated price of the vehicle in the US would be around $163300, and the car is expected to release in the mid of 2018.


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