Audi SQ2 Review And Release Date In USA

Audi SQ2 Review And Release Date In USA

People complained that the 2018 Audi SQ2 when initially launched didn’t look that great. But the new version of SQ2 in 2018 has got a facelift, and now it looks more appealing. The 300 hp engine makes it a nice rival and alternative to the Volkswagen T-Roc R. The original version of the Audi Q2, a 2.0 liter engine that is turbo charged got a revamped design to get more powerful as the сar.


The Engine of the auto is almost the same as the 4 cylinder 2 liter engine of S3. But for the SQ2, the engine got tweaked at several places. The power would be lesser slightly after the tweaking but the shift from 0 to 62 mph would still happen at a fast speed of 5 seconds. The car is made to be a great cruiser.


The bumpers of SQ2 have an aggressive look. The grille looks sportier and the air intake is huge too. The chrome colored bits are replaced with black. Other noticeable changes are bigger alloy wheels, and a descent in suspension. There are 4 exhausts at the back, and along with the attractive bumper and a remarkable roof spoiler the car looks great. The diffuser is also bigger in this. Altogether these have made the car look quite stylish at the rear also.

Sat Nav app on the big screen on the dashboard, Bluetooth, stylish vents for air, parking lights and sensors, all makes the car interior stylish. Small red dots of plastic for revving up the cabin adds to great looks. Other interesting features are sportier steering wheel, sports seats, SQ2 badge addition, aluminum pedals, all great for securing your safety in steep turnings.

Headrests are better here, and the steering is flat bottomed. The sports seats are well adjustable with flexible side sections. Parts inside are made of brushed aluminum thus giving great feel and look both. In the exterior there is an amazing class and elegance about it. The whole finish justifies the price too.

Price and Release Date

The car will be available for sale in the later part of 2018, after June. It’s difficult to estimate the price at present as much of the details of it are still under cover. Yet for the inquisitives, the expected price would be around $29000 for the base model, and the high end model should be priced around $34000.

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