2018 Porsche Cayenne Review, Specs and Price

2018 Porsche Cayenne Review, Specs and Price

2018 Porsche Cayenne Review

The Cayenne can be called now one of the best selling cars from Porsche. The company was in a really tough situation when this model got first release. Thanks to that, the company got the ability to continue producing sport cars. Now this model is great not only for the buyers, but for the many professionals in the car industry.

This happens thanks to the company`s ability to introduce great innovation for the market. The current, 2018`s model has already launched last year. And many people expect it to be the last version in this generation. This is because the creators are now moving to a new platform.

New and old features
The exterior didn`t change since the model`s first appearance in 2010. Only the front end was changed slightly. It has new air intakes, which are located at the front bumper. There are also new LED headlights. They were not available earlier.

There are several versions of the car, which got its release on the market. The sporty S and Turbo S models have a more aggressive look, as well as a quad-exhaust system. The new car is very impressive inside also. The interior is not only a good-looking thing, it also gives the maximum comfort.

There are also few engines which buyers can freely choose.
1. A 300-horsepower 3.6-liter model.
2. Twin-turbocharged V6.
3. Standard V6 version, which was there during the model`s first launch.

This car is one of the most advanced models using the same platform as Touareg. Now latest addition of the Cayenne is available almost in all countries. The price starts at the point of 60 thousand dollars. It is a pretty small car considering we get such a good car. The wheel drive is almost the same in all models and variants. There are only few modifications which can come with unique torque-venturing setups.

Thanks to that addition, the model drives better compared to other sport cars in this category.

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