2018 Hummer H2 Review, Price and Release Data

2018 Hummer H2 Review, Price and Release Data

2018 Hummer H2: Review of the new Model

In the arena of classic SUV titles Hummer gained the approval of many buyers and users. The creators paid their attention to the military background mostly.

But, nowadays Hummer is a true legend, which is known thanks to its main characteristics:
1. Comfort.
2. Power.
3. Reliable parameters.
In 2018 there will be a release of the new range from this company. Thus, the classic series will be getting a massive upgrade.

Old car in the new light
When the interior is discussed, in the most part attention is paid to the pristine and sporty look. The main color palette is dual, it is consisting of elements in silver and black. There are new details on the command console. They are colored switches and touch screen. Moreover, the creators are now using leather with higher quality. Leg and head room were enlarged. Thanks to that, the driving will surely become more comfortable.

Exterior, engine
The buyers can get two variations of body kit. It comes in classic silver look and in black chrome.
We can describe the new design in several words:
1. Edgy.
2. Dynamic.

The sense of toughness is combined with the highest standards for luxury.
We can also describe the new engine, at least, in some details. The new car will use 6.0 liter model with 8 cylinders. This model will give us 393 horsepower. The creators guarantee us optimal efficiency and high performance, within any conditions. Moreover, we will get a six speed automatic transmission. It will be transferred to every wheel. Thanks to that, the new car will be able to carry much weight.

The date of the release was not confirmed yet officially. But many people believe this car to appear on the market near the end of 2017. Considering the price, it will be no less than 55 thousand dollars. There is a probability that it will become higher during the next few months.

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